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Child Custody Lawyer in Lansing, MI

A father with children

Protect Your Rights to Your Children

When a married couple separates, there are many issues to work out. From property division to possible restraining orders, the legal system plays a large role. When that couple has children, they must outline an agreement as to which parent will keep the children and how often the other parent may see them. In order to do so, they must petition the court that is overseeing their divorce. Jennipher R. Martinez, Attorney at Law will be there for all events leading up to the court decision. Moreover, we will help you after the petition to ensure that you are granted sufficient rights to your children.

Child Custody Services

Our firm offers support and services in several areas of child custody.

Child Support

The purpose of child support is to ensure the welfare of the children after a marriage is dissolved. Jennipher R. Martinez, Attorney at Law wants to make sure that your ex-partner is paying their fair share and demands no more than necessary from you. Our capable attorney will handle the formalities and legal paperwork to ensure that a binding agreement is reached and followed once it is legalized. 

Paternity Issues

In the event that a child was born out of wedlock, the mother may attempt to deny the paternity of the father in which case he may be denied rights to his child. Other fathers may deny paternity, so they don’t have to pay child support. Whatever your case may be, leave it to Jennipher R. Martinez, Attorney at Law to prove paternity for the benefit of the child, the father or the mother.


Once a marriage has ended, it may be determined that one or both of the parents are unfit to have custody of their child. When this is the case, Jennipher R. Martinez, Attorney at Law will help establish a guardianship or a legal arrangement for the person or people who will have custody of the child and act in their interests. We will do everything possible that your child ends up in the best possible hands.

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Retain your rights to your children by allowing Jennipher R. Martinez, Attorney at Law to manage the legal process on your behalf. We will protect your rights and interests.