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Skilled Divorce Attorneys in Lansing, MI

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Reduce Your Heartache With a Helpful Lawyer

The divorce process may be a confusing and difficult time. The decisions you make in a divorce will affect the rest of your life. However, emotions during this stage of life can cloud your judgment and ability to think clearly. Don’t risk making the wrong choice. Let our helpful and compassionate divorce attorneys help you.
Representing yourself in your divorce may be a cheaper alternative to hiring a divorce lawyer. However, our team can greatly minimize your heartache and ensure you end up in the best possible situation after all is said and done. Your peace of mind during a difficult time is worth it.
Obtaining a good divorce lawyer is in your best interests. This is especially true if your divorce involves children, substantial wealth or if your ex-partner has hired their own divorce attorney. Our qualified lawyers can handle even the most complicated divorces. Jennipher R. Martinez, Attorney at Law will assist you in sorting out assets, spousal support and more.

Spousal Support

With divorce comes a plethora of questions and complications. These issues may add contention to an already complicated situation. One of the largest factors is finances and spousal support. How will the lower-wage-earning spouse continue to subsist and maintain their standard of living even after the marriage is over?
Jennipher R. Martinez, Attorney at Law specializes in handling these situations. Our divorce attorneys make aggressive moves in obtaining the settlement you deserve. In the event that you are the higher wage earner and your ex-partner is demanding much more alimony than needed, rest assured that we will do everything possible to protect your income from being unfairly effected by the court.

Legal Separation: An Alternative to Divorce

If you and your partner are still trying to decide whether to reconcile or split permanently, Jennipher R. Martinez, Attorney at Law can provide assistance in obtaining a legal separation status. This status is simply a court-approved legal separation that defines enforceable rights. However, unlike a divorce, it does not permanently end your marriage.
Many couples choose to obtain a legal separation status from the court due to religious beliefs or merely to retain the financial benefits of marriage. While the reasons are varied, you should allow our family law attorneys to make this process easy for you. Common issues include the delegation of property between the two parties as well as child custody, child support, spousal support and more.

Request Our Professional Assistance

If you’re ready to obtain a legal separation between you and your partner, call us today. We’ll make an often difficult process quick and simple for you both.