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Personal Protection Orders

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What Is a Personal Protection Order?

Personal protection orders are court orders that protect you against violence or threats by someone who intends to harm or harass you. These orders can be requested even if no violence has been committed against you. If you have reasonable cause to fear for your safety or freedom, Jennipher R. Martinez, Attorney at Law is here to help you ensure you and your loved ones’ personal safety.

Domestic Relationship Personal Protection Order

Jennipher R. Martinez, Attorney at Law most frequently deals with domestic personal protection orders that involve abuse in a current or former domestic relationship. This abuse may come from a current or ex-spouse, a child’s other parent, a person you used to live with or a romantic partner. 
Personal protection orders have become a common request following divorce and other ending domestic relationships. Jennipher R. Martinez, Attorney at Law is an experienced lawyer who will work to ensure your safety by assisting you to convince the court to grant you such protection.

How the Process Works in Michigan

Applying for a personal protection order in Michigan involves filing a petition with the court. This petition is needed to provide information to the court, so it can decide whether to grant you the order. In this petition, you are free to explain exactly what abuses have occurred and how you have been harmed. Our legal professionals will aid you in presenting your case effectively. With our help, you will have the best chance of success.

Protect Your Reputation

If you are the respondent in a personal protection order, your reputation and more may be at stake. Jennipher R. Martinez, Attorney at Law is happy to provide you with the expert advice you need. We may be able to provide legal assistance to you. A quick consultation is worth it.

Request Legal Assistance

Personal protection orders are normally time sensitive. Don’t wait any longer if you feel there is a threat to your well-being. Call Jennipher R. Martinez, Attorney at Law today and get started on your petition.