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Is it OK to date during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2024 | Divorce

When one relationship is over, you are typically free to enter another. Yet, what about when you are in the middle of a divorce? While your marriage may be dead in the water, it can take time for the court to declare the official end of it.

Can you date someone new in this period? Or could it prove problematic?

You might break the law

Having sexual intercourse with someone else while still married to another still counts as adultery, which is a felony offense under Michigan law. It’s safest to avoid breaching any laws, regardless of whether a court is likely to uphold them or not.

You could complicate your divorce

Even going for a coffee with a new flame and not doing anything more than that could make your divorce more complicated. If your spouse discovers it, they may feel upset or embittered and try to punish or avenge you. 

It might lead them to push for a greater share of assets when dividing property. Or to dig their heels in and refuse to go with the custody split you agreed to tell the court you wanted.

You could hurt people

You can understand how replacing your spouse with someone new so soon might make them feel. If you have children, you also risk causing them confusion or harm. They might fear that you will be so busy with this new person that you won’t have time for them. 

It’s not even ideal for you or your new love interest as you are unlikely to be at your best during such an emotional time.

If you are still intent on dating during a divorce, ensure you get legal advice to make sure you have understood any legal complications it could have.