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Protect Your Rights To Your Children

When a married couple separates, there are many issues to work out. From property division to possible restraining orders, the legal system plays a large role. When that couple has children, they must outline an agreement as to which parent will keep the children and how often the other parent may see them. In order to do so, they must petition the court that is overseeing their divorce. Family law attorney Jennipher R. Martinez will be there for all events leading up to the court decision. Moreover, I will help you after the petition to ensure that you are granted sufficient rights to your children.

Child Custody Services

I offer extensive support and a range of services in various facets of child custody. Whether you’re seeking guidance on custody arrangements, visitation schedules or parental responsibilities, my firm provides personalized assistance tailored to your unique situation.

Child Support

The purpose of child support is to ensure the welfare of the children after a marriage is dissolved. Lawyer Jennipher R. Martinez wants to make sure that your ex-partner is paying their fair share and demands no more than necessary from you. As an experienced attorney, I will handle the formalities and legal paperwork to ensure that a binding agreement is reached and followed once it is legalized.

Single Parents And Child Custody

For unmarried couples facing child custody challenges, establishing parental rights is crucial. This includes determining custody arrangements, visitation schedules and outlining the responsibilities of each parent. My firm provides comprehensive support to ensure that your rights as a parent are recognized and protected.

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