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Asset Division Attorney In Lansing

Married couples accumulate a lot of property. In the event of a divorce, it is necessary to divide up possessions between yourselves. Attorney Jennipher R. Martinez understands that not all divorces end amicably. This means that many couples end up in court over property division issues. Before taking it to that stage, let me help.

Marital Property And Separate Property

Property division is one of the most contentious elements of a divorce. This is because your assets are not always split evenly between both partners.

A couple’s property is categorized into two categories. The first is called marital property. This category is the sum total of debts, property and assets that you acquired during your marriage. The second category is called separate property. This is the property that was owned before your marriage or given directly to one member of the couple during the marriage. Oftentimes, the line is blurred as to which category a particular asset falls into. This may cause strife and delay in your final settlement.

Navigating Complex Assets In Divorce

In the realm of asset division during divorce, specific elements require careful consideration. Handling IRAs, pensions and premarital property demands precision to ensure fair and just outcomes.

Managing Retirement Assets

IRAs and pensions often represent significant holdings in a marriage. These retirement funds, accumulated over the years, may encompass both separate and marital components. Dividing these assets involves assessing their growth during the marriage and equitably distributing their value.

Premarital Property And Its Disposition

Assets acquired before marriage, such as properties or inheritances, might be classified as separate. However, if these assets were commingled with marital resources during the marriage, they could potentially become subject to division. Establishing the premarital status of an asset requires meticulous documentation and thorough evaluation.

Handling these complexities demands expertise. My experienced legal team is experienced in intricate asset division and can help you safeguard your rights and interests during divorce proceedings.

Get Help From An Experienced Attorney

Whether you have modest assets or substantial wealth, selecting the right lawyer can make all the difference in living comfortably after a divorce. Lawyer Jennipher R. Martinez has decades of experience in the valuation of marital property. My team will correctly characterize every asset to help you get a fair settlement. I will even work with appraisers and other experts to ensure the accuracy of the valuations for your case.

Get Your Fair Share

If your family law case requires an asset and property division attorney, Jennipher R. Martinez has many years of experience in analyzing assets and financial data. Let me determine the value of your possessions. With my help, you can get what you need out of your final settlement. Call 517-684-0212 or contact me online to make an appointment.